Ancestors of John Cocker

1-John Cocker was born about 1786, died in 1826 aged about 40, and was buried on 16 Mar 1826 in St Mary the Virgin Church of England, Welney, Norfolk, England.  John married Sarah Watson on 27 May 1805 at Welney, Cambridge.  Sarah died some six months later and she was buried on 6 October 1805 at Welney, Cambridgeshire. John next married widow Margaret Norman on 13 Dec 1807 in Hilgay, Norfolk, England.  Margaret was born about 1790.


John and Margaret had three children: Sarah, Bridget and John.

2-Sarah Cocker was christened on 15 Jul 1810 in Welney, Cambridgeshire and died in Oct 1897 in Willington, Durham, United Kingdom at age 87. Sarah married George Summers, son of James Summers and Anne Cranness, on 29 Mar 1831 in Welney, Cambridgeshire. George was born about 1811 in Bagthorpe, Norfolk England and died in Jul 1880 in Durham, England aged about 69. They had four children: Mary Ann, William, John Kirkham and Frederick.

3-Mary Ann Summers was born in 1832 in Little Walsingham, Norfolk, England. Mary married William Wilkin on 30 Jun 1851 in Chapel of Bacup, Whalley, Lancashire.  Another name for William is Wilkinson.

3-William Summers was born on 11 Jun 1837 in Newchurch in Rossendale, Lancashire. William married Ann Walker.

3-John Kirkham Summers was born about 1843 in Soham, Cambridgeshire, England. John married Mary Ann Wilson, daughter of William Hodgson Wilson and Elizabeth, in Jul 1863 in Durham, England. Mary was born about 1845 in Brancepeth, Durham, England. They had 13 children: William, Harriett, Elizabeth A., Sarah Ada, John Andrew, Joseph, George, Charles, Lily, Herbert, Robert, Archibald and Florence.

4-William Summers was born about 1864 in Willington, Durham, United Kingdom.

4-Harriett Summers was born about 1866 in Willington, Durham, United Kingdom.

4-Elizabeth A. Summers was born about 1868 in Middleton, Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

4-Sarah Ada Summers was born about 1870 in Gateshead, Lower Thames, Durham, England.

4-John Andrew Summers was born in 1872 in Willington, Durham, United Kingdom and died in 1949 in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England at age 77. John married Rebecca Wigham. Rebecca was born in Mar 1877 in Boyne, Durham, England and died in Oct 1949 in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England at age 72.

4-Joseph Summers was born in 1874.

4-George Summers was born about 1876 in Thornley, Durham, England.

4-Charles Summers was born in 1878 in Pemberton, Lancashire, England.

4-Lily Summers was born about 1880 in Pemberton, Lancashire, England.

4-Herbert Summers was born about 1882 in Pemberton, Lancashire, England.

4-Robert Summers was born about 1883 in Pemberton, Lancashire, England.

4-Archibald Summers was born about 1885 in Pemberton, Lancashire, England.

4-Florence E. Summers was born about 1888 in Pemberton, Lancashire, England. 3-Frederick Summers was born about 1849 in Littleport/Ely, Welney. Frederick married Margaret Pennington in 1867.

3-Frederick Summers was born about 1849 in Littleport/Ely, Welney. Frederick married Margaret Pennington in 1867.

2-Bridget Cocker. Bridget married William Lee on 20 Oct 1828 in Welney, Cambridgeshire.

2-John Cocker was born in Sep 1812 in Cambridgeshire (now Norfolk) England, was christened on 16 Aug 1813 in Cambridgeshire (now Norfolk) England, died on 10 Feb 1872 in Evandale, Tasmania at age 59, and was buried in Uniting Church Cemetery, Evandale, Tasmania. John married Sarah Elizabeth Briggs, daughter of Isaac Briggs and Alice Dean, on 22 Aug 1845 in Green Ponds, now Kempton, Tasmania. Sarah was born on 28 Jul 1828 in Norland, Halifax, Yorkshire, England, was christened on 15 Nov 1831, and died on 30 Aug 1874 in Barrington, Tasmania at age 46. They had 11 children: John, Sarah, Joseph, Louisa, Margaret Alice, William Alfred, George Samuel, Albert, James, Charles Robert Arthur and Jane Evangeline.