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Nellie May Harvey and James Howard Saward

3-Nellie May Harvey was born on 11 Oct 1896 in Dairy Plains, Deloraine, Tasmania and died on 23 Aug 1979 in Burnie, Tasmania, Australia at age 82.

Nellie married James Howard Saward, son of John Henry Saward and Mary Ann Howard, on 31 Mar 1920 in Myalla, Wynyard. James was born on 6 Mar 1888 in Ridley and died on 13 Sep 1968 in Wynyard, Tasmania at age 80.

James Howard Saward

They had four children:

4-Living Saward. Living married Living Imms, son of John Robert Imms and Ethel Jane Emma Scudds.

4-Alex Leslie Saward was born on 20 Feb 1921 in Wynyard, Tasmania, died on 7 Apr 1992 in Wynyard, Tasmania at age 71, and was buried in Wynyard General Lawn Cemetery. Alex married Beth Sampson in Jan 1955 in Launceston.  They had 3 sons and 1 daughter.

4-Mary Eleanor Saward was born on 4 Aug 1922 in Wynyard, Tasmania and died on 2 Dec 2004 in Launceston at age 82.

4-Earl Graeme Saward was born on 14 Jul 1934 in Wynyard, Tasmania and died on 8 Jul 1935 in home, Myalla.