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Joseph and Ellen Crothers: The voyage

1. Joseph and Ellen: Family Background

2. Joseph and Ellen Crothers: In England

3. The Voyage

4. In Tasmania

5. Joseph’s Police Career

6. Life at Pontville

7. Joseph's Estate


The Crothers’ voyage to Tasmania was made possible by the new regulations governing immigration introduced in Hobart in January 1854:

As a result, there was a sharp increase in the number of new arrivals: from 220 in 1852 to 5 471 in 1855. Joseph and family were among 963 to arrive in 1856. (Guide to the Public Records of Tasmania. Section Four. Free Immigration. Ian Pearce and Clare Cowling. AOT Hobart 1975)
The Indian Queen sailed from Liverpool on 18 September 1855. It arrived in Hobart, via Melbourne, on 22 January 1856.
The Crothers family was listed on the ship’s Descriptive List of Immigrants: 
  Age Religion Able to read and write Native Place Occupation
Joseph 30 (sic) C of E Yes Tyrone Farm labourer
Ellen 34 C of E yes Tyrone Housekeeper
John 7 C of E No Liverpool ----
Henry 1 C of E -- Liverpool ----

The Immigration to Victoria, Index to Inward Passenger Lists, British Ports shows the Indian Queen arriving in Melbourne in January 1856 with Jos (35), Ellen (34), John (7) and Mary (1). The writing of Henry on the Descriptive List of Immigrants could be taken as being Mary, so it's evident a mistake was made. A Mr. William Williams was named as the person responsible for the assisted passages. Joseph and Ellen signed, along with other passengers, the following declaration: We the undersigned do hereby declare that we have no complaints to make as to our treatment on board the Indian Queen during her voyage from Liverpool to Hobart Town. 

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