George Jones and Sarah Lawson

Convict Profile: Euphemia Lawson

TAHO CON 19/1/12 p 277 Description List

TAHO CON40/1/5 P 40 Conduct Record


Description Transcribed Information
Police Number 79
Surname Lawson (or McMillan)
Christian Names Euphemia
Ship or Ships Borneo 1828
Embarkation Date 11 May 1828
Date of Arrival in V.D.L 8 Oct 1828
Age (at Transportation) 26
Trade or Occupation Housemaid and laundress
Marital Status Married
Level of Literacy
Place of Native Origin Castle Street, (Carlisle, Cumberland ?).
Date of Trial 17 December 1827
Place of Trial At Edinburgh Court of Justiciary
Transported for Life
Stated this Offence This Offence Murder. Flinging vitriol over Archibald Campbell. Husband Hugh Millan, a painter, High Street_ tried with me and acquitted_ I was living with him when taken. Married, two children
Prior Convictions Nil
Sentence Death
Gaol/Prison Report Disposition violent. Very much improved since convicted in temper and conduct. Connexions decent. Was well instructed when young and bore a very good character for honesty and decency when single and in service. Never was accused of any crime previous to that of which she has been convicted. Married, two children.
Surgeon's Report:
Physical Characteristics:
Height Feet 5
Height lnches 1
Complexion: Fair
Head: Small
Hair: Dark brown
Visage: Narrow, oval. High cheek bones
Forehead: Small, full, round
Eyebrows: Small, arched
Eyes: Grey
Nose: Straight
Mouth Large, full
Chin Indent on point
Other comments Pockpitted. Large pockmark centre of chin

  Offences and Punishments


Dates Location or Situation Nature of Offences Sentences/Punishments
25 Jun 1829 Government House Intoxicated on Tuesday last Cell on bread and water 7 days and Crime Class, House of Correction.
5 Jan 1831 Hiddlestone Absenting herself from her service on Monday last without leave and remaining absent until she surrendered this morning Cell on bread and water 10 days and returned to her service.
26 Jan 1831 Wood Drunkenness and insolence in her service Reprimanded
27 Jun 1831 Thomson Drunk on Friday last and absconded from her service on Saturday last To be placed in the 2nd Class 2 months and assigned in the Interior.
11 Sep 1832 G. Burnett. Very drunk and disorderly. To be placed in the 2nd Class 2 months and assigned in the Interior.
15 Oct 1832 J. Burnett Gross disorderly conduct in her service, scaling the wall and afterwards absenting herself without leave. To be placed in the Crime Class I?) months
8 Oct 1833 Dawson Disorderly conduct Reprimanded
14 Dec 1833 Dawson Found in Hobart Town without a pass Cell 6 days.  NB records her as Phoebe Lawson
8 Apr 1834 Dawson Drunkenness Cell 6 days
8 Dec 1837 Collins Absent without leave Solitary working cells for 1 month.
19 Jan 1838 Dyer Absent all night without leave and drunk Hard labour for 1 month in the solitary working cells.
10 Mar 1838 Nettlefold Appearing drunk at the Female House of Correction, where she had permission to see her child. To be placed in the Second Yard for 1 month.
19 May 1838 Nettlefold Drunk Cell 3 days on bread and water
18 Jun 1838 Mr Thompson Drunk and making use of abusive language Cell 7 days on bread and water and returned to) her service.
15 May 1839 Woolley Drunk Cell on bread and water for 5 days and assigned in the Interior
24 Feb 1840 Ticket of Leave Drunkenness Reprimanded
4 Dec 1843 Ticket of Leave Drunk 14 days hard labour, House of Correction.
26 Jan 1844 Ticket of Leave Drunk and disorderly. 2 months hard labour, Ticket of Leave suspended.
26 Jan 1846 Supreme Court, Hobart feloniously stabbing Mary Worster with intent, etc. Death recorded, commuted to transportation for life and to be detained in the Female House of Correction in the Crime Class 5 years.
12 Jan 1850 Taylor Absent and drunk 3 months hard labour, Factory, Hobart
6 May 1850 Absconded
27 May 1850 Lewis Absent 7 months hard labour, Factory, Hobart, not to be allowed to enter service in Hobart.
2 Aug 1852 Absconded
1 Sep 1852 Trollope Drunkenness 1 month hard labour
1 Jan 1854 Absconding 9 months hard labour
31 Oct 1854 Drunk 3 months hard labour.
23 Jan 1855 6 months hard labour.
11 Jun 1855 Drunk and using indecent language 3 months hard labour
25 Dec 1855 Mr McShane absconding from service on 17th December, 1855, and remaining illegally 6 months hard labour
19 Jan 1857 Mr Shaw Drunk 7 days solitary confinement
20 Jan 1857 Shaw Absconding 6 months hard labour
15 Oct 1857 Hobart Drunk 4 months hard labour
24 May 1858 Hobart 1 month
31 Dec 1858 Hobart Drunk Fined 10 shillings
22 Feb 1859 Absconded
9 Aug 1859 Ross Absconding 6 months hard labour
24 May 1858 Hobart 1 month
30 Jun 1860 Hobart Drunk Fined 10 shillings
2 Apr 1863 Hobart Stealing fruit from a garden. 6 months hard labour
28 Mar 1866 Hobart Stealing a quarter of mutton. 12 months hard labour
28 Apr 1868 Hobart Misconduct 1 months hard labour
3 Apr 1871 Hobart Idle and Disorderly 6 months hard labour

Locations and Periods of Probation, Assignment, Gang Labour or Detention

Date Location Remarks
1835 Muster In the House of Correction.
10 Mar 1840 Applied to marry Edward Griffiths (No. 844) per England. Not approved
1841 Muster Assigned to Mr W.B. Wilson, Macquarie Plains
17 Nov 1849 Unexpired period of Probation remitted and classified as a Passholder, vide letter from Female House of Correction, Cascades
18 Nov 1851 Not eligible for a Ticket of Leave.
29 Jun 1852 Not eligible for a Ticket of Leave.
6 Jul 1858 Ticket of Leave granted
20 Apr 1864 Ticket of Leave revoked