George Jones and Sarah Lawson

Jacob Lawson 

3-Jacob Lawson was born on 15 Mar 1854 in Hobart Town, Van Diemen's Land, was christened on 23 Jul 1854 in Hobart Town, Van Diemen's Land, died on 5 Nov 1934 in Hobart, Tasmania at age 80, and was buried on 7 Nov 1934 in Cornelian Bay, Tasmania, Section GG:108.

 Following the death of his mother he was admitted to the Boys Orphan School on 22 Sep 1862.  He may have fared relatively well there because in 1866 he was awarded as a prize student. Jacob had several minor brushes with the law before settling down as a farm worker on the East Coast.

Reports of Crime for Police Information

1. Friday 14 October 1870  QUEEN'S ASYLUM.

 ABSCONDED:- On the 10th instant, from the service of Mr. Chaffey, Spring Bay. Jacob Lawson, an apprentice from the above Institution.

Description.-15½  years old, 5 feet high, sallow complexion, cross-eyed, low forehead ; wore dark jumper, moleskin trousers, and blue cap; idiotic appearance.

2. Friday 21 July 1876


Hobart Town.-On the 19th instant, by W. Tarleton, Esq., J.P., for the arrest of Jacob Lawson, William Simms, John Stanyard , and William Thompson alias Brent, charged with having, on the 17th instant , at the port of Hobart Town, absented themselves from the foreign whaling vessel Tamerlane without leave. No description given.

3. Friday 28 July 1876

Vide Crime Report of the 21st instant, page 114. Jacob Lawson has been arrested by the Spring Bay Municipal Police.

Tasmanian News Wednesday 20 January 1886 Page 2

Local and general

A man named Jacob Lawson was admitted to the General Hospital yesterday suffering from the result of a peculiar accident. It appeared that he had fallen off a load of hay and in his fall had taken down the pitchfork. The prongs of this stuck into the ground and the handle into his left arm, inflicting a deep and jagged wound. He was admitted to the institution by the house surgeon.

Launceston Examiner Tuesday 7 Sep 1897

1896.-Award, certificate of merit. Jacob Lawson, of Spring Bay, Tasmania, a labourer, aged 44 years, who rescued Samuel Thomas Drake, of Seaforth, Lisdillon, Tasmania, aged 40 years, from drowning at Little Swan port,. Tasmania, on 26th December, 1895. The boat which Lawson and Drake were sailing overturned about half a mile from the beach. They were thrown out, and Lawson, having heavy seaboots and greatcoat on, had to swim after Drake, and with great difficulty got him back to the boat; from which they were both rescued.-

Jacob worked and lived for many years at Kelvedon, the Swansea farming property, developed and operated by the Quaker Cotton family.  He died in Hobart on 5 Nov 1934, aged 81 and was buried at Cornelian Bay on 7 Nov in plot GG/108.