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Jessie Maude Wignall

3-Jessie Maude Wignall was born on 6 Apr 1854 in Hobart, Tasmania and died in 1927 in South Melbourne, Victoria at age 73. Her father was, at that time, a sawyer and they lived in the Huon River district.

Birth Jessie Maude Wignall
Jessie had a relationship with Dennis Normoyle. Dennis was born about 1846 in Limerick, Ireland, died on 28 Mar 1922 at home, 4 King Street, Sandy Bay, Tasmania aged about 76, and was buried in Queenborough Cemetery, Sandy Bay, Tasmania. They had one son in 1873:

Birth William John Normoyle

Jessie married John Graham, son of Janet, on 12 Apr 1878 in the residence of Rev. William Law in Canning St, Launceston. John was born about 1850 and died on 31 Oct 1895 in Latrobe, Tasmania aged about 45. They had eight children:

4-William John Wignell was born on 24 Feb 1873 in Longford, Tasmania, died on 5 May 1945 in Port Melbourne, Victoria at age 72, and was buried on 7 May 1945 in Fawkner Cemetery, Melbourne.

The Melbourne Age Mon 7 May 1945 page 7

On May 5 at his home, 135 Farrell Street, Port Melbourne, William John, the dearly beloved husband of Millicent Graham and loving father of Millicent (Mrs Drake deceased) Thelma (Mrs Bowden), Leo, William, Eric and Annie.  Aged 72 years

William married Millicent Sawyer, daughter of Seth Sawyer and Charlotte Eliza Tozer,  on 7 Mar 1905 in St Pauls Anglican Church, East Devonport, Tasmania. Millicent was born in 1880 in New Zealand, died on 5 Jun 1954 in her home, 135 Farrell St West, Port Melbourne at age 74, and was buried on 7 Jun 1954 in Fawkner Cemetery, Melbourne. They had six children: Millicent Charlotte, Thelma, Leo, William Alfred, Eric and Annie.

5-Millicent Charlotte Wignell was born about 1906, died on 13 Jan 1932 in Devon Hospital, Latrobe aged about 26, and was buried on 14 Jan 1932 in Don General Cemetery, Tasmania. Millicent married Ernest William Drake, son of Albert Taylor Drake and Eliza Alice Lillian Sturzaker, on 17 Dec 1928 in St Pauls Anglican Church, Launceston.  They had a daughter: Patty.

In 1936 Ernest Drake was living at 4 Brisbane St, Launceston, occupation: blacksmith. Also present was Ines Anona Drake- home duties. In 1943 Ernest was a council employee and living at 78 Cameron St with Ines Anona Drake - home duties. In 1954 Patricia Millicent DRAKE was registered as living at 1 Wellington St, Launceston - home duties, then the same year she is registered at 35 Seabreeze Rd, Geelong North - home duties. Perhaps, Patricia went to Victoria to visit her maternal grandfather's sister Edith Amy Watson who had died in 1953. Patricia may have returned to Launceston in 1954.

6-Patty Drake.

5-Thelma Wignell was born on 24 Dec 1907 in East Devonport, Tasmania, died in 1991 at age 84, and was buried in Benalla, Victoria. Thelma married Paul Ambrose Bowden in 1931. Paul was born about 1905 and was buried on 17 Aug 1979 in Benalla, Victoria. They had one daughter: Beverley Grace.

6-Beverley Grace Bowden.

5-Leo Wignell was born on 18 May 1910 in Latrobe, Tasmania.

5-William Alfred Wignell was born on 10 Sep 1912 in Latrobe, Tasmania.

5-Eric Wignell was born on 28 Oct 1915 in West Devonport, Tasmania, died on 22 Dec 1897 in Port Melbourne, Victoria at age 82, and was cremated on 24 Dec 1997 at Fawkner Park Cemetery. Eric married Vera Olive Hewitt. Vera was born about 1919, died on 2 Oct 1969 in Victoria aged about 50, and was buried on 6 Oct 1969 in Altona Memorial Park, Victoria. They had at least one daughter and two children.

5-Annie Wignell was born on 8 Dec 1917 in West Devonport, Tasmania. Annie married Leonard Langford about 1947.

A time of Jessie's marriage to John he stated he was a tailor or sailor and Jessie stated she was the daughter of a carpenter. Jessie's husband John Graham was probably the carpenter who died of pulmonary tuberculosis at Latrobe on 31 Oct 1895 aged 46. The death certificate indicates he was a carpenter. There are a number of entries 1877, 1878 in particular in the newspapers for a J Graham being on the cutter Earl of Ulverstone which seems to have plied along the North West Coast ports and also to Hobart. The ship was wrecked on 3 Apr 1898 at Three Hummock Island, whilst attempting a salvage operation of the schooner Mariner at East Telegraph Bay.

Page 4 of the North West Advertiser and Emu Bay Times on  20 Jan 1905 has an interesting article about a man who died as a lodger at the premises of Jessie Maud Graham (widow) and Jessie gave a witness statement, presumably at the inquest. The lodger was found to have died as a result of a self-inflicted overdose of morphia. In the North West Post newspaper there are multiple entries in January 1906 when Jessie was again advertising the sale of the property located at Hampden and William Streets.

" most substantially built and highly finished, conveniently laid out, gas and water laid on and the sanitary arrangements are perfect. Furniture practically new and in good order"

North West Post Saturday 20/1/1906 p.2   "Auctions sale- at Latrobe on Thursday

clearing of household furniture by Mr George Atkinson under instructions from Mrs Graham, who is leaving for Victoria.  In addition to furniture, the villa residence of seven rooms at corner of Hampden and William Streets will be offered.

From the above it would seem that Jessie departed Tasmania for Victoria after 1906. She, John Edward and Edith Amy were living at 246 Montague St, South Melbourne in 1912 but Jessie had moved to 18 Faussett St, Albert Park by 1915 and where she, Edith Amy, Edward Henry and Robert Thomas were living.

4-Robert Thomas Graham was born about 1878 and died in 1935 in Victoria aged about 57.

4-Frances Beryl Graham was born on 19 Dec 1878 in the Port Sorell District, Tasmania, died in 1948 in Royal Park, Victoria at age 70, and was buried in Carlton Cemetery, Victoria. Another name for Frances was Fanny. Frances married Francis William Luke Smart, son of Peter Leckie Smart and Matilda Wells, in 1901 in Victoria. Francis was born in 1876 in Ballarat, Victoria, died on 3 Jan 1948 in Heidelberg, Victoria at age 72, and was buried in Carlton Cemetery, Victoria. They had three children: Francis Edward, Francis William George and Lorna Frances Maud.

5-Francis Edward Smart was born on 10 Apr 1904 in South Melbourne, Victoria and died in 1996 in Brunswick, Victoria at age 92.

5-Francis William George Smart died in 1996 in Burwood, Victoria.

5-Lorna Frances Maud Smart was born on 14 Jan 1908 in Melbourne, Victoria, died on 14 Oct 1992 in Melbourne, Victoria at age 84, and was buried on 19 Oct 1992 in Springvale Cemetery, Victoria. Lorna married Horace James Finney in 1931 in Victoria. Horace was born on 14 Jan 1904, died on 10 Nov 2004 at age 100, and was buried on 15 Nov 2004 in Springvale Cemetery, Victoria. They had two children: Neville James and Alan.

6-Neville James Finney.

6-Alan Finney.

4-George Edward Graham was born on 22 Dec 1882 in Port Sorell, Tasmania.

4-Florence May Graham was born on 4 Jan 1885 in the Port Sorell District, Tasmania and died of bronchitis on 25 Oct 1886 in the Port Sorell District, Tasmania at age 1.

4-Edith Amy Graham was born on 4 Feb 1887 in the Port Sorell District, Tasmania, was christened on 12 Sep 1899 in Latrobe, Tasmania, and died in 1953 in Warrnambool, Victoria at age 66. Edith married Albert James Watson on 3 Aug 1931. Albert was born in 1888 in Port Melbourne, Victoria, died in Western Australia, and was buried on 10 Jun 1956 in Karrakatta Cemetery, Western Australia. Tthe Melbourne Age newspaper reported on page 9 on 24 Sep 1931 that the marriage only lasted for a few weeks. Edith successfully sued Albert, a contractor of Buckhurst St, South Melbourne for maintenance of 25/- per week. It is unlikely that they had any children.  She was living with her mother at the time of Jessie‚Äôs death in 1927. Edith continued to live at that house until at least 1936 but in 1942 she was living at Mascoma St, Pascoe Vale/Strathmore not far from the Essendon airport.

4-John Edward Graham was born on 1 Jul 1889 in Mersey, Devonport, was christened on 12 Sep 1889, and died on 23 Nov 1949 in Carnegie, Victoria at age 60. John married Elsie Lorna Allardyce in 1913 in Victoria. Elsie was born in 1899 in New South Wales and died on 3 Nov 1939 in Melbourne, Victoria at age 40. They had six children: John Norman, Alan Henry, Dorothy Edith, Norma Irene, Arthur James and Elsie Lorna.

5-John Norman Graham was born in 1914 in Melbourne, Victoria and died in 1955 in Kyneton, Victoria at age 41.

5-Alan Henry Graham was born on 5 Feb 1916 in Melbourne, Victoria and died on 15 Jan 2001 in Melbourne, Victoria at age 84. Alan married Marlene Fay Cooney. Marlene was born in 1939 in Melbourne, Victoria and died on 15 Nov 1976 in Melbourne, Victoria at age 37.

Alan next married Marie Vale. Marie was born in United Kingdom and died on 10 Aug 2016.

5-Dorothy Edith Graham was born in 1917 in Melbourne, Victoria.

5-Norma Irene Graham was born in 1919 in Melbourne, Victoria.

5-Arthur James Graham was born in 1924 in Melbourne, Victoria and died in 1964 in Victoria at age 40.

5-Elsie Lorna Graham was born on 16 Aug 1928 in Melbourne, Victoria and died on 19 Aug 2003 in Bairnsdale, Victoria at age 75. Elsie married Alfred Charles Elderfield. Alfred was born on 6 Sep 1921 in Melbourne, Victoria and died on 1 Nov 1993 in Bairnsdale, Victoria at age 72. They had one son: Raymond Leslie.

6-Raymond Leslie Elderfield was born on 22 Aug 1962 in Bairnsdale, Victoria and died on 23 Aug 1962 in Bairnsdale, Victoria.

4-Edward Henry Graham was born on 22 Jan 1892 in Latrobe, Tasmania, died on 15 Jan 1954 in Gordon House, Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria at age 61, and was buried on 18 Jan 1954 in cremated at Springvale Cemetery, Victoria. He served in the First World War. Edward married Anne Dorothea Peterson, daughter of Jean Beatrice Peterson, in 1919 in Victoria. Anne was born about 1900 in South Melbourne, Victoria, died in 1980 in Melbourne, Victoria aged about 80, and was buried in Newport Cemetery, Victoria. They had a daughter: Jean Stuart.

5-Jean Stuart Graham was born on 11 Aug 1920. Jean married David Dawson. David was born on 11 Jul 1920 and died on 17 Jul 2003 at age 83.

Jean next married Stanley Emanuel Cliff, son of Emanuel Cliff and Annie Thornton, in 1939. Stanley was born on 21 Aug 1911 and died on 17 Apr 2000 in Dandenong, Victoria at age 88. They had five children: Peter Graham, Bruce Stanley, Ross Stuart, Pamela Jean and Geoffrey Robert.

6-Peter Graham CliffD  NA  Mat ch was born on 4 Jan 1941 in Altona, Victoria. Peter married Glenys Fletcher. Glenys was born on 6 Apr 1946 in Geelong, Victoria. They had two children: David Graham and Stephen Mark.

7-David Graham Cliff was born on 7 Jan 1972 in Adelaide, South Australia.

7-Stephen Mark Cliff was born on 26 Jul 1976 in Adelaide, South Australia.

6-Bruce Stanley Cliff was born on 2 Jul 1942 in Melbourne, Victoria. Bruce married Judith Jamieson.  They had two children: Matthew and Andrew.

7-Matthew Cliff.

7-Andrew Cliff.

6-Ross Stuart Cliff was born on 29 Jan 1950 in Melbourne, Victoria.

6-Pamela Jean Cliff was born in 1953 in Melbourne, Victoria. Pamela married someone.  She had one daughter: Annette.

7- Annette.

6-Geoffrey Robert Cliff was born on 14 Oct 1955 in Melbourne, Victoria. Geoffrey married Robyn Stafford in Brisbane, Queensland. They had two children: Ben and Jodie.

7-Ben Cliff.

7-Jodie Cliff.

4-Corporal Arthur James Graham was born on 12 Aug 1894 in Latrobe, Tasmania, was christened on 10 Jun 1895 in Latrobe, Tasmania. He served in the First World War, died on 28 Mar 1918 in France at age 23, and was buried in Godewaersvelde British Cemetery (Plot I, Row M Grave N).