George Jones and Sarah Lawson

William Lawson

2-William Lawson was born about 1824 in Scotland and died on 26 Apr 1886 in New Town Charitable Institution, Hobart, Tasmania aged about 62.

William arrived in Hobart Town on the Borneo with his convict mother Euphemia and younger sister Sarah on 8 October 1828.  Aged five, on 20 Feb 1829 he was admitted to the Orphan School at New Town where he remained for ten years.  He was discharged to Herbert Jones on 10 Aug 1839 and subsequently apprenticed to Thomas Wroot Midwood was an ex-military, middle ranking public servant, the Deputy Assistant Commissary General.

He absconded from this apprenticeship and received a sentence of fourteen days of hard labour in prison in return for his two weeks of freedom.

Colonial Times Tuesday 6 April 1841 Page 3

WILLIAM LAWSON, apprenticed to my service from the Orphan School, having absconded—any person found harboring or employing him after this notice, will be prosecuted as the law directs—He is about 17 years of age, dark hair, and was dressed at the time of abscond­ing in corduroy jacket, moleskin trousers and blue cap.

T. W.  Midwood.

Colonial Times Tuesday 27 April 1841 Page 3

William Lawson, indented apprentice from the Orphan School, charged by his master with neglect of duty, and absence without leave, convicted to the House of Correction to hard labour for fourteen days

Saturday, April 24

William appears to have avoided further brushes with the law but died a pauper at the New Town Charitable Institution on 26 Apr 1886 and was buried at Cornelian Bay.

Death William Lawson