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Albert Leslie (Kim) Crothers

Albert Leslie Crothers

3-Albert Leslie (Kim) Crothers was born on 16 Dec 1904 in Winnaleah/Bradshawscreek, Tasmania and died on 26 Dec 1941 in Scottsdale at age 37. 

Albert married Violet Breona Marston, daughter of Charles Edward George Marston and Mary Ann Terry, on 2 Aug 1930 in St Paul's Church, Launceston. Violet was born on 19 Mar 1910 in 219  Charles St., Launceston, Tasmania.


 They had seven children:


4-Patricia Joy (Pattie) Crothers was born on 26 Oct 1930.

 The Launceston Examiner 25 Jul 2007

CABALZAR, Patricia Joy - Died July 24, 2007. Beloved wife of the late Lawton. Beloved and loving mother of Kim, Julianne, Michael (dec.), and Philip. Loved and respected mother-in-law of Christine. Mama' of Daniel and Rebecca.

Eldest daughter of the late Kim and Violet Crothers (late of Winnaleah). Loved sister and sister-in-law of Billie and the late Bruce Jeffries, Peggy, Terry (dec.), Kathleen (dec.), Peter and Peggy, Danny and Jo, and beloved aunt of their families.

Patricia married Lawton Reginald Sydney Cabalzar, son of Reginald Cabalzar and Rosetta Dennis, on 18 Nov 1950. Lawton was born on 7 May 1924 in Perth, died on 14 May 1978 in Launceston at age 54, and was buried in May 1978 in Carr Villa Cemetery, Launceston, Tasmania. They had four children: Kim Anthony, Julianne Gaye, Michael James and Philip Lawton.

5-Kim Anthony Cabalzar.

5-Julianne Gaye Cabalzar.

5-Michael James Cabalzar died before Jul 2007.

5-Philip Lawton Cabalzar.

4-Yvonne Mary (Billie) Crothers was born on 29 May 1932 in Scottsdale and died on 11 Apr 2014 at age 81.

The Launceston Examiner 12/04/2014

 JEFFRIES (nee Crothers), Yvonne Mary (Billie) -

May 29, 1932 - April 11, 2014

Beloved wife of the late Bruce Jeffries, loved and loving mother of Susan, Diane, David and Andrew. Devoted grandmother of Alexandra, Harrison, Lachlan, Max and Spider.

Loved mother-in-law of Tony, Mandy and Michelle. Second daughter of the late Kim and Violet Crothers (late of Winnaleah).Loved sister and sister-in-law of Pat and Lawton (dec.) Peggy, Terry (dec.), Kathleen (dec.), Peter and Peggy, Danny and Jo; and beloved aunt of their families.

Loved by all

who knew her.

Deeply missed.

Yvonne married Bruce Jeffries on 16 May 1953 in Launceston. Bruce was born on 11 May 1931. They had four children: Susan, Diane Patricia, David Bruce and Andrew James.

5-Susan Jefferies.

5-Diane Patricia Jefferies.

5-David Bruce Jefferies.

5-Andrew James Jefferies.

4-Peggy Rose Crothers was born on 27 Apr 1935 in Scottsdale.

4-Terence John Crothers was born on 25 Sep 1937 in Scottsdale, died on 3 Nov 1960 in Ross at age 23, and was buried on 5 Nov 1960 in Carr Villa Cemetery, Launceston, Tasmania.

4-Kathleen Ann Crothers was born on 6 Nov 1939 in Scottsdale, died of diptheria on 19 Dec 1939 in Launceston, and was buried in Branxholm Cemetery.

4-Peter Leslie Crothers was born on 3 Dec 1940 in Scottsdale. Peter married Peggy Campbell in Apr 1963.  They had three children: Caryn, Martin and Jamie.

5-Caryn Crothers.

5-Martin Crothers.

5-Jamie Crothers.

4-Danny Albert Crothers was born on 28 May 1942 in Scottsdale. Danny married Marion Ethne Miley on 6 Jan 1968 in St  Stephens Anglican Church, Bellerive. Marion was born on 23 Apr 1946. They had two children: Jennifer Miley and Benedict Marston.

5-Jennifer Miley Crothers.

5-Benedict Marston Crothers.