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Hugh McHugh and Elizabeth Pike

2-Hugh McHugh was born on 7 Aug 1859 in Launceston, died on 20 May 1915 in McHugh Pottery Works, 74 Wellington St. Launceston at age 55, and was buried in Carr Villa Cemetery, Launceston, Tasmania.

Birth Hugh McHugh

Hugh married Elizabeth Pike, daughter of James Pike on 21 Aug 1905 in The Manse, York Street, Launceston, Tasmania. Elizabeth was born on 8 Jul 1857 in Devonshire, England, died on 3 Sep 1908 in 32 Garfield Street, Launceston, Tasmania at age 51, and was buried on 5 Sep 1908 in Car Villa, B344.

Hugh McHugh   


The death of Mr. Hugh McHugh, proprietor of the well-known potteries firm of McHugh Bros., Sandhill, took place with painful suddenness yesterday morning. Mr McHugh left his home, Garfield Street at   about 8 o'clock yesterday morning as was his usual custom, and was then apparently in his normal state of health. That was the last time that his relatives saw him alive.  About an hour afterwards he was discovered by one of his employees lying on the floor in the doorway of his office with his bunch of keys beside him. Dr. Irvine was hastily summoned and on arrival he found that life was extinct. The deceased had then been dead for some little time. It appears as though the unfortunate man was seized by an attack as he was opening the door of his office, and was struck down where he stood. The deceased was a well respected resident of this city, and sincere sorrow was expressed when the news of his sudden death became known. An inquest will be held at the residence of the deceased, 32 Garfield Street at noon today.

The late Mr. McHugh, who was in his 56th year, was born in George Street and has resided in this city for practically the whole of his life.  The pottery works, of which he was the proprietor, were founded by his father in 1873.  On the death of the father in 1891 the three sons carried on the business for a time.   One of the brothers, Edward, went away to Africa some years ago, and the other, James, died last year, leaving the late Mr. Hugh McHugh the only member of the family in the business.  The deceased took a great interest in swimming and for many years was one of the leading swimmers in Launceston.  He was married to Mrs. Elizabeth Pike, a widow, who died, leaving him a widower, in 1908, with one daughter, Mrs. Caldwell, of Launceston, with whom he resided, and three stepchildren- Mr. J Pike, of Launceston; Mrs. Holloway, of Queenstown; and Miss Amelia Pike, of Launceston. General sympathy is felt for the family in their bereavement.

Hugh and Emily had one daughter:

3-Emily McHugh was born about 1886 and died on 28 Jan 1955 in Perth, Tasmania aged about 69. Emily married Richard Caldwell, son of William Caldwell and Mary Bushby, on 8 Apr 1909 in The Manse, York Street, Launceston, Tasmania. Richard was born on 30 Mar 1884 in Longford, Tasmania and died on 19 Oct 1934 in Bass Strait at age 50. They had one daughter: Joyce Thelma.

4-Joyce Thelma Caldwell was born on 9 Oct 1909 in 25 Garfield Street, Launceston, Tasmania. Joyce married Dawson Victor Thompson, son of John Victor Thompson and Marion May Brindley Waugh. Dawson was born in 1908 in Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria and died on 10 Jun 1979 in Launceston, Tasmania at age 71. They had two children: Kaye and Kerry.

5-Kaye Thompson. Kaye married Alfredo De Angelis.  They had four children: Antania, Ricardo, Adrian and Peter.

6-Antania De Angelis.

6-Ricardo De Angelis.

6-Adrian De Angelis.

6-Peter De Angelis.

5-Kerry Thompson. Kerry married Kay.  They had two children: Skye Eliza and Lauren Brindley.

6-Skye Eliza Thompson was born on 28 Aug 1975. Skye married Adam Pratley on 6 Dec 2001.  They had two children: Grace Iris and Stella May.

7-Grace Iris Pratley.

7-Stella May Pratley.

6-Lauren Brindley Thompson was born on 14 Apr 1979. Lauren had two children: Nicholas and Francesca.

7- Nicholas.

7- Francesca was born on 15 Feb 2011.