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Vera Grace McHugh and Henry Beale

3-Vera Grace McHugh was born on 25 Mar 1895 in Ulverstone, Tasmania and died on 21 May 1987 in Greenvale, Victoria at age 92.

Vera married Henry John Beale, son of Albert Leonard Beale and Rosina Cavill, on 5 Oct 1931 in Melbourne, Victoria. Henry was born on 1 Mar 1887 in Stoke, Newington, London, England and died on 24 Mar 1972 in Brighton, Victoria at age 85.

They had two children:

4-Beale was born in 1932 in Melbourne, Victoria and died in 1932 in Melbourne, Victoria.

4-Arthur Harold Beale was born on 1 Oct 1933 in Melbourne, Victoria and died on 14 Jun 2009 in Bairnsdale, Victoria at age 75. Arthur married Pauline Annie Smith on 3 Dec 1955 in Melbourne, Victoria. Pauline was born on 18 Feb 1934. They had three children: Judith Anne, Robyn Grace and Alison Rose.

5-Judith Anne Beale was born on 4 Oct 1956. Judith married Peter Shane Cunningham on 26 Jul 1975. Peter was born on 28 Aug 1953. They had two children: Amanda Helen and Christopher John.

6-Amanda Helen Cunningham was born on 31 Jul 1979.

6-Christopher John Cunningham was born on 5 Nov 1980.

Judith next married Garry Robert Beattie on 22 Feb 1992. Garry was born on 26 Jul 1951.

5-Robyn Grace Beale was born on 30 Apr 1959. Robyn married Trevor Melksham on 25 Mar 1978. Trevor was born on 19 Feb 1957.

Robyn next married Colin James Hardy on 15 Feb 1986. Colin was born on 5 Apr 1954. They had two children: Matthew David and Zeke Nathaniel.

6-Matthew David Hardy was born on 21 Jul 1986.

6-Zeke Nathaniel Hardy was born on 21 Nov 1989.

5-Alison Rose Beale was born on 10 Dec 1961. Alison married Joseph Yves Giret on 5 Sep 1987. Joseph was born on 9 Jan 1958. They had three children: Daniel James Matthew, David Joel and Mitchell Travis.

6-Daniel James Matthew Giret was born on 17 Mar 1988.

6-David Joel Giret was born on 11 Jan 1990.

6-Mitchell Travis Giret was born on 16 Jan 1992.