John and Sarah Cocker

Albert Edward (Bert) Cocker and Grace Ellen Christophersen

Albert Edward Cocker was born on 4 May 1886 in Evandale, Tasmania and died in 1975 in Wellington, New Zealand at age 89.

Albert married Grace Ellen Christophersen, daughter of Oluf Christophersen and Thora Mathilde Olsen, on 25 Dec 1911 in South Wellington S.A. Grace was born on 30 Aug 1888 in Wellington, New Zealand and died in Jun 1946 in Wellington, New Zealand at age 57.

Albert Edward Cocker    Grace Ellen Christophersen

Albert is pictured far left while working as a 'clippie' on the Wellington Tramways in 1912, aged about 26. Grace is pictured at Fielding in the mid 1940's

Albert and Grace had three children:

4-Keith David Cocker was born on 24 Jun 1923 in Feilding, New Zealand and died on 22 Jun 2008 in Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand at age 84. Keith married Noeline Packwood, daughter of Leonard Percy Crawford Packwood and Mary Lambourn,  in 1947.  They had three children: Raewyn, Gwynne and Rhys.

5-Raewyn Cocker was born in 1951. Raewyn married Barry Bell.  They had one son: Stephen.

6-Stephen Bell.

5-Gwynne Cocker was born in 1955. Gwynne married Linda.  They had three children: Stephanie, Jonathan and Michael.

6-Stephanie Cocker.

6-Jonathan Cocker.

6-Michael Cocker. Michael married Saskia.  They had two children: Amber and Annikah.

7-Amber Cocker.

7-Annikah Cocker.

5-Rhys Cocker was born in 1959. Rhys married Cheryl Hutson.  They had three children: Juanita, Suzanne and Warrick.

6-Juanita Cocker.

6-Suzanne Cocker.

6-Warrick Cocker.

4-William Bramwell Cocker.

4-Harold Edward Cocker.

Albert next married Jessie May Colley. Jessie was born on 21 Oct. They had one son: William Joseph (Bill).

Albert Edward and Jessie Cocker

4-William Joseph (Bill) Cocker. William married Sarah.