John and Sarah Cocker

Hedley Mansley (Ted) Bennett and Ada Adeline Rutter

Ted and Ada Bennett Hedley Mansley (Ted) Bennett was born on 22 Apr 1880 in Port Sorell, died on 13 Feb 1964 in Mersey Hospital Latrobe at age 83, and was buried in 1964 in Devonport. Hedley married Ada Adeline Rutter, daughter of Thomas Rutter and Louisa Cocker, on 15 Apr 1908 in Barrington, Tasmania. Ada was born on 11 Nov 1884 in Port Sorell, died on 2 Oct 1967 in Devonport at age 82, and was buried in 1967 in Devonport. They had one daughter:

Audrey Elaine.

4-Audrey Elaine Bennett was born on 22 Jul 1929 in Barrington, Tasmania. Audrey married Alan Jamieson on 27 Dec 1954 in Methodist Church Devonport.  They had two children: Ian Ronald and Kevin Peter.

5-Ian Ronald Jamieson was born on 5 Oct 1952 in Latrobe. Ian married Christine (Chrissy) Louise Bassett. Christine was born on 10 Jul 1953. They had one daughter: Fabienne Bronte.

6-Fabienne Bronte Jamieson was born on 15 Jul 1989 in Burnie, Tasmania, Australia.

5-Kevin Peter Jamieson was born on 12 Feb 1955 in Latrobe. Kevin married Anthea Course on 10 Nov 1983. Anthea was born on 24 Dec 1958 in Victoria. They had six children: Skye Elizabeth, Mark Ian, Mistie, Daniel Stephen, Narelle and Andrea.

6-Skye Elizabeth Jamieson was born on 18 Aug 1981 in Victoria.

6-Mark Ian Jamieson was born on 4 May 1984 in Victoria.

6-Mistie Jamieson was born in Dec 1984.

6-Daniel Stephen Jamieson was born on 11 Jan 1985 in Devonport.

6-Narelle Jamieson was christened on 11 Aug 1986.

6-Andrea Jamieson was born on 11 Aug 1986.