John and Sarah Cocker

James Cocker and Alice Matilda Richards

James Cocker was born on 19 Nov 1863 in Westbury, Tasmania, was christened on 25 Nov 1863 in Westbury, Tasmania, died on 7 Apr 1955 in St Marys at age 91, and was buried about 1955 in St Marys.

James married Alice Matilda Richards, daughter of William Henry Richards and Martha Cox, on 29 Aug 1883 in Westbury, Tasmania. Alice was born on 20 Jun 1864 in Longford, Tasmania, died on 31 Aug 1943 at home, St Marys at age 79, and was buried in St Marys.

James' older brother, George Samuel,  married Alice Matilda's sister, Annie Martha Richards in 1887

James and Alice had ten children: