John and Sarah Cocker

Henry Bemjamin Day and Marie (Dollie) Hasemann

Henry Benjamin Day was born on 20 Dec 1894 in Sheffield, died on 18 Sep 1962 at age 67, and was buried in Ulverstone General Cemetery. Henry married Marie Hasemann, daughter of George Frederick Hasemann and Marie Larsen, in 1917 in Queensland. Marie was born in 1896, died on 18 Sep 1962 at age 66, and was buried in Ulverstone General.  Marie was usuially known as Dollie.

Henry Benjamin Day    Henry and Dolly Day

They had three children:

Henry, Dolly and the three Day children

4-Ida Eva Day was born on 20 Jul 1918 in Queensland and died on 15 Apr 2009 in Latrobe Hospital at age 90. Ida married George Phipps. George was born in 1920 and died on 23 Aug 1999 at age 79. They had three children: Annette, Judith Ida and Patsy Joan.

5-Annette Phipps was born on 25 Aug 1943. Annette married Alan Frank Tyson. Alan was born on 18 May 1940. They had four children: Kenneth George, Michael Alan, Christopher Paul and Kathryn Ann.

6-Kenneth George Tyson was born on 23 May 1963. Kenneth married Angela Faye Bygraves. Angela was born on 1 Nov 1964. They had two children: Jared Alan and Kirstie Ann.

7-Jared Alan Tyson was born on 28 Jan 1995.

7-Kirstie Ann Tyson was born on 24 Apr 1997.

6-Michael Alan Tyson was born on 11 Apr 1965. Michael married Susan Michelle Garwood. Susan was born on 21 Jul 1965. They had three children: Amy Annette, Melinda Michelle and Jacinta Louise.

7-Amy Annette Tyson was born on 11 Sep 1996.

7-Melinda Michelle Tyson was born on 9 Apr 1998.

7-Jacinta Louise Tyson was born on 25 Oct 1999.

6-Christopher Paul Tyson was born on 9 Aug 1967. Christopher married Heather Beamsley. Heather was born on 15 Jan 1975. They had two children: Katelyn and Ryan Paul.

7-Katelyn Wilson (Step) was born on 6 Jul 1992.

7-Ryan Paul Tyson was born on 12 Nov 1999.

6-Kathryn Ann Tyson was born on 25 Mar 1971.

5-Judith Ida Phipps was born on 23 Jan 1945 and died on 3 Jul 2003 at age 58. Judith married Harry Cornelius Van Der Velde. Harry was born in 1943 and died on 15 Jan 2003 at age 60. They had three children: Susan, Anton Harry and Sandra.

6-Susan Van Der Velde was born in 1965. Susan married Geoffrey Smith. Geoffrey was born in 1955. They had two children: (Derwent) James and Andrew.

7-(Derwent) James Smith.

7-Andrew Smith.

6-Anton Harry Van Der Velde was born in 1966. Anton married Karie Marshall.  They had three children: Tia, Dayna and Will Harry.

7-Tia Van Der Velde was born in 2001.

7-Dayna Van Der Velde was born in 2003.

7-Will Harry Van Der Velde was born in 2004.

6-Sandra Van Der Velde was born in 1969. Sandra married Adam Lefkoff in 4540 Palmer Crt Longmont Co80503 U.S.A.  They had two children: Ainsley and Escher.

7-Ainsley Lefkoff was born in 2001.

7-Escher Lefkoff was born in 2003.

5-Patsy Joan Phipps was born on 26 Dec 1947. Patsy married James Clements. James was born in 1944. They had two children: Peter James and Kim Ann.

6-Peter James Clements was born in 1964. Peter married Jacinta.  They had two children: Alex and Kyle.

7-Alex Clements was born on 12 Apr 2003.

7-Kyle Clements was born on 7 Jan 2005.

6-Kim Ann Clements was born in 1970. Kim married David Ponting. David was born in 1968. They had three children: Kiera Danielle, Lewis David and Kacee Ann.

7-Kiera Danielle Ponting was born in 1992.

7-Lewis David Ponting was born in 1994.

7-Kacee Ann Ponting was born in 1996.

Patsy next married Darrel Atkinson. Darrel was born in 1946. They had two children: Simon and Michael.

6-Simon Atkinson.

6-Michael Atkinson.

4-Sydney George Day was born in 1920 in Kingaroy, Queensland, died on 30 Apr 1954 at age 34, and was buried in Anglican Church, Ulverstone, Tasmania. Sydney married Thelma May Johnstone, daughter of Alexander Addison Johnstone and Ellen Isabel Thompson. Thelma was born in 1920 in Gunns Plains, Tasmania and died on 17 Jan 1997 in Eliza Purton Home, Ulverstone, Tasmania at age 77. They had three children: Doreen, Norman George and Elaine.

5-Doreen Day was born in 1945. Doreen married Ralph Saward. Ralph was born in 1944. They had two children: Linda and Wayne.

6-Linda Saward was born in 1969. Linda married Wayne Hanson. Wayne was born in 1964. They had two children: Ben and Rebecca.

7-Ben Hanson.

7-Rebecca Hanson.

6-Wayne Saward was born in 1970. Wayne married Caralin Smith. Caralin was born in 1973.

5-Norman George Day was born in 1947. Norman married Penelope Joy Green on 23 Oct 1971 in Launceston Grammar School Chapel, Tasmania. Penelope was born in 1946. They had two children: Robert George and Sally Joanne.

6-Robert George Day was born on 25 Jan 1975.

6-Sally Joanne Day was born on 20 Dec 1977 in Scottsdale Hospital.

5-Elaine Day was born in 1951. Elaine married Colin Stuart. Colin was born in 1952. They had four children: Julie Marie, Daniel Colin, Glen David and Pamela Susan.

6-Julie Marie Stuart was born in 1976.

6-Daniel Colin Stuart was born in 1977.

6-Glen David Stuart was born in 1981.

6-Pamela Susan Stuart was born in 1982.

4-Ruby Marie Day was born on 22 Jan 1922. Ruby married Harry Quatermass. Harry was born on 27 Sep 1908 and died in 1984 at age 76. They had three children: Marlene Ann, Kaylene and Ian.

5-Marlene Ann Quatermass was born on 17 Apr 1950. Marlene married Ian Peacock. Ian was born on 25 Feb 1947. They had two children: Jodie Nicole and Luke Andrew.

6-Jodie Nicole Peacock was born on 8 Aug 1973.

6-Luke Andrew Peacock was born on 16 Jul 1974.

5-Kaylene Quatermass was born in 1957. Kaylene married Glenn Sinclair. Glenn was born in 1954. They had two children: Mecan and Sarah Marie.

6-Mecan Sinclair was born in 1979.

6-Sarah Marie Sinclair was born in 1981.

5-Ian Quatermass was born in 1962. Ian married Vicki Mooney.