John and Sarah Cocker

Julia Maud Cocker and Richard Charles Ellings

Julia Maud Cocker was born on 21 Apr 1878 in Port Sorell, died on 1 Sep 1936 at age 58, and was buried in Moorina General Cemetery. Although named Julia Maud at birth, she used the name Alice Maud.

Julia Maud birth registration

Julia married Richard Charles Ellings, son of Edwin John Ellings and Ann Thomas, both of whom were born in 1845 at Lamorran, Cornwall, England, on 19 Apr 1900 in Methodist Church, Lower Barrington. Richard was born on 5 Jun 1877 in Kaitangirua, New Zealand, died on 7 Jun 1949 at age 72, and was buried in the Yallourn Cemetery, Victoria.

They had ten children:

4-Gladys May Ellings was born on 9 Sep 1901 in Lower Barrington, Tasmania. Gladys married John Cahill on 14 Jan 1924 in Derby, Tasmania.

4-Amanda Eileen Ellings was born on 12 Sep 1902 in Lower Barrington, Tasmania and died on 9 May1970. Amanda was usually known as Lena. Amanda married Albert Alexander on 25 Jun 1922 in Pioneer.

4-Agnes Melvina Ellings was born on 5 Nov 1903 in Lower Barrington, Tasmania and died on 4 Oct 2003 in Melbourne, Victoria.  Agnes married Frank William Adams, son of Robert Damright Adams and Jessie Biggs, on 25 Dec 1922 in Pioneer. Frank was born on 13 Oct 1898 in Branxholm, Tasmania and died on 23 Nov 1978 in Footscray, Victoria at age 80. They had four children: Pamela Jean, Gordon Bruce, Brian Richard Frank and Roy.

5-Pamela Jean Adams was born on 27 Mar 1924, died on 10 Sep 1993 in Melbourne, Victoria at age 69, and was buried in Bulla, Victoria. Pamela married Percival Maxwell Cameron, son of Harold Douglas Cameron and Jessie Glen Dickeson. Percival was born in 1923 in Footscray, Victoria, died on 1 May 1995 in Melbourne, Victoria at age 72, and was buried in Bulla, Victoria. They had three children: Pamela, Graeme Maxwell and Rodney William.  Percival served in World War 2:

6-Pamela Cameron. Pamela married Frank Goia.  They had two children: Debbie and Michelle.

7-Debbie Goia.

7-Michelle Goia.

6-Graeme Maxwell Cameron.

6-Rodney William Cameron. Rodney married Lindy.  They had three children: Felicity, Andrew and Sean.

7-Felicity Cameron.

7-Andrew Cameron.

7-Sean Cameron.

5-Gordon Bruce Adams was born on 13 Jun 1926 and died on 23 Mar 1968 in Heidelberg, Victoria at age 41.

5-Brian Richard Frank Adams was born on 7 May 1925 in Launceston and died on 10 Aug 1990 in Sydney, New South Wales at age 65. Brian married someone.  She had one daughter: Janice.

6-Janice Adams.

5-Roy Adams.

4-John Charles Middleton Ellings was born on 9 Jul 1905 in Barrington, Tasmania.

4-Reginald John Ellings was born on 6 May 1907 in Lower Barrington, Tasmania, died on 2 Aug 1971 at age 64, and was buried in Mersey Vale Lawn Cemetery. Reginald married Ellen Lucy. Ellen Lucy died on 31 Dec 1987 and was buried in Devonport General Cemetery.

4-Richard Charles Ellings was born on 2 Oct 1908 in Lower Barrington, Tasmania and died on 2 Aug 1971 at age 62.

4-Ilma Alice Ellings was born on 2 Oct 1908 in Lower Barrington, Tasmania. Ilma was usually known as Alma.  She married Roland Charles Healy, son of Leonard Charles Healey and Emma Louise Watts on 8 Apr 1936. Roland was born at Green Street, Launceston on 23 Aug 1910 and died on 2 Jun 1953. They had four children: Judith Alice, Leonard Charles, Robert James and Janine Louisa.

5-Judith Alice Healey. Judith married Terrance Reiper on an unknown date.

5-Leonard Charles Healey. Leonard married Beryl Webster on an unknown date.

Leonard next married Dianne Cole on an unknown date.

5-Robert James Healey. Robert was born on 2 Nov 1944 and married Diane Krushka, He next married Janet Hazelwood, He next married Robyn Wilson.

5-Janine Louisa Healey. Janine married Peter Weston on an unknown date.

4-Grace Ann Middleton Ellings was born on 5 Apr 1910 in Barrington, Tasmania and died on 13 Jun 1927 in Moorina at age 17.

4-Herbert Charles Ellings was born on 9 Mar 1913 in Weldborough, Tasmania and died on 5 Jul 2009 in the Launceston General Hospital at age 96.  Herbert married Ethel Elizabeth Thomas, daughter of Thomas Jones Thomas and Etherl Mary White. Ethel was born on 14 Aug 1915 in Beaconsfield, Tasmania and died on 22 Aug 1996 in Norwood, Launceston at age 81.  Another name for Ethel was Peg. They had one daughter: Patricia Lorraine.

5-Patricia Lorraine Ellings was born on 25 Feb 1942 in Launceston, Tasmania and died on 4 May 2013 in George Town, Tasmania at age 71. Patricia married Clifford Arthur Walker, son of Raymond Clifford Walker and Ivy May Loone. Clifford was born on 11 Apr 1939 in Arcoona Hospital, Deloraine. They had two children: Kareena Lorraine and Stephen Clifford.

6-Kareena Lorraine Walker was born on 5 Oct 1963. Kareena married Renato Zancheta, son of Giovanni Zancheta.  They had three children: Antonio, Dillon and Bianca.

7-Antonio Zancheta.

4-Dillon Zancheta.

7-Bianca Zancheta.

6-Stephen Clifford Walker was born on 17 Jun 1965. Stephen married Alysha.  They had three children: Sarah, Lyndon and Alexander.

4-Sarah Walker.

4-Lyndon Walker.

4-Alexander Walker.

4-Mollie Lorraine Ellings was born on 1 Mar 1919 in Weldborough, Tasmania. Mollie married Albert Oliver.