John and Sarah Cocker

Lillian Sarah Elizabeth Bennett and Archibald Claude Bauld

Lillian Sarah Elizabeth Bennett was born on 3 Jul 1877 in Port Sorell, died on 5 Feb 1982 in Burwood, Victoria at age 104, and was buried in 1982 in Latrobe Cemetery. Lillian married Archibald Claude Bauld, son of Robert Bauld and Mary Mitchell, on 29 Jun 1912 in Sheffield. Archibald was born on 13 Nov 1881 in Port Sorell and was buried in 1934 in Latrobe Cemetery. They had three children:

4-Constance Laura Mary Bauld was born on 16 Mar 1913 in Latrobe and died in Sep 2007 at age 94. Constance married Alexander S. McAfee.  They had three children: Anne, Rosemary and Cynthia.

5-Ann McAfee. Anne was born in about 1936 and died in Melbourne on 22 Dec 2014.  She married Robert Hewitson.  Robert was born in about 1933 and died in Ballarat on 13 Feb 2003. They had three children: Mark Andrew, Christopher and Timothy Robert .

6-Mark Andrew Hewitson. Mark married Rhonda and they had three children

6-Christopher Hewitson. Christopher married Shirley.

6-Timothy Robert Hewitson.

5-Rosemary McAfee.

5-Cynthia McAfee.

4-Dorothy McKee Bauld was born on 30 Jun 1914 in Latrobe, died on 2 Jun 2006 in 141 Through Rd. Camberwell, Victoria at age 91, and was buried in Latrobe.

4-Patricia Annie Bauld was born on 10 Oct 1915 in Latrobe, died on 30 Sep 2009 in home, Camberwell, Victoria at age 93, and was buried in Latrobe.