John and Sarah Cocker

John Osborne Osee Bennett and Lillian Thompson

John Osborne Osee Bennett was born on 5 Dec 1873 in Port Sorell and died in 1966 in Traralgon, Victoria at age 93. John married Lillian Thompson on 9 Jul 1907 in 75 Cimitiere St, Launceston, Tasmania.  They had three children:

4-Bessie Irene Bennett was born on 6 Mar 1909 in 19 Cimitere Street, Launceston, Tasmania.

4-Claude Osborne Bennett was born on 2 Jan 1913 and died in Taralgon, Victoria.

4-Harry Charles Bennett was born on 15 Mar 1915 and died on 2 Sep 1970 in Latrobe at age 55. Harry married Ruth Laurenne Ling, daughter of Leopold Alfred Aubrey Ling and Gwynneth May Walker. Ruth was born on 9 Feb 1942. They had two children: Garry Charles and Debbie Ruth.

5-Garry Charles Bennett was born on 17 Dec 1960. Garry married Kim Laurence. Kim was born on 20 Mar 1965. They had two children: Kylie Maree and Jessica Lee.

6-Kylie Maree Bennett was born on 20 Jun 1987.

6-Jessica Lee Bennett was born on 8 Nov 1989.

5-Debbie Ruth Bennett was born on 21 Jul 1962. Debbie married John Tucker. John was born on 27 Jan 1960. They had two children: Mathew John and Christopher John.

6-Mathew John Tucker was born on 11 Jun 1983.

6-Christopher John Tucker was born on 13 Sep 1985.