John and Sarah Cocker

Albert James Cocker

Albert James Cocker was born on 13 Aug 1888 in Deloraine, Tasmania, died in Dec 1957 at St John's Park, New Town at age 69, and was buried on 24 Dec 1957 in Cornelian Bay, Church of England, D323.

Albert married Theodora Catherine Dunn, daughter of George Dunn and Rebecca Margaret McIntyre, on 20 Oct 1909 in the Methodist Church St Marys. Theodora was born on 21 Jun 1879 in Fingal, Tasmania and died on 13 Sep 1922 in St Marys at age 43.

From 1914 to 1922 he worked as a miner, living at St Marys.  By 1928 he was working as railway repairer, living at Llewelyn near Campbell Town and then at Kamona. By 1936 he was living at Plenty and by 1949 in Hobart, still working for the Railways.

Albert and Theodora had one son: Albert George.

4-Albert George Cocker was born on 19 Aug 1910 in the Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital, Launceston.

Theodora died at St Marys on 13 Sep 1922.

Albert next married Ada Harriett Blackwell, daughter of William Blackwell and Mary Ann Bleathman, Ada was born on 24 Jul 1876 in Hamilton, Tasmania and died on 22 Jul 1941 in Hobart, Tasmania at age 64. No marriage record has been located.  Ada had a son in Victoria, Aaron William, to William Aaron Patience.  When Ada returned to Tasmania she brought Aaron and he was adopted (either formally or informally) by James and he lived as Aaron William Cocker.  Aaron was also known colloquially in later life as Joe.  The full story and his descendants are shown here.  Ada died on 22 Jul 1941.

Huon and Derwent Times 31 Jul 1941 Page 3
There was a large attendance at the funeral of the late Mrs Albert Cocker, of Macquarie Plains, at the St. Mary's Church of England cemetery, Gretna. The rector of the Macquarie Plains Parish (Rev. K. J. Hughes) conducted the services at the church and graveside. Messrs H. C. Millington and Co., of Hobart, were the funeral directors.

Albert next married Florence Ilinde Blackwell, nee Speed, daughter of Alfred George Speed and Rosannah Kuban, on 3 Oct 1941 in Church of England, Holy Trinity, Launceston, Tasmania. Florence was born on 15 Sep 1888 in Plenty and died on 1 Nov 1963 at age 75. Florence was the widow of Walter John Blackwell who was the brother of his second wife, Ada.

Mr. Walter John Blackwell, died aged 42 on 6 Dec 1928 through a motor accident. He was a respected and hard-working member of the community and left a family of 10 children un-provided for.  At a public appeal was launched at a meeting held at Rosegarland on the 11 December assist thee widow, Mrs. Blackwell, and her children.

Albert and Florence had one son: Baden Charles.

4-Baden Charles Cocker was born on 9 May 1947, died on 21 Dec 2006 in Sydney, New South Wales at age 59, and was buried on 5 Jan 2007 in George Town, Tasmania.  Baden married Christine Tuner.  They had five children: Donna, Bradley, Darren, Susan and Dwayne.

5-Donna Cocker.

5-Bradley Cocker. He had three children: Zachary Dominic, Zane and Bliss Rose.

6-Zachary Dominic Cocker.

6-Zane Cocker.

6-Bliss Rose Cocker.

5-Darren Cocker. He had two children: Olivia Rose and Tom.

6-Olivia Rose Cocker.

6-Tom Cocker.

5-Susan Cocker.  She had two children: Charlie Baden and Tayla Louise.

6-Charlie Baden Byrne.

6-Tayla Louise Jones.  She had one daughter: Elliana Grace.

7-Elliana Grace Young.

5-Dwayne Cocker. She had one daughter: Elsie.

6-Elsie Cocker.