John and Sarah Cocker

Leonard John Cocker and Stella May Cobbett

Leonard John Cocker was born on 30 Dec 1890 in Longford, Tasmania, died on 3 Mar 1963 in St Marys at age 72, and was buried in St Marys. Leonard married Stella May Cobbett, daughter of Daniel Cobbett and Elizabeth Cowdery, on 11 Aug 1914 in Church of England, Cullenswood, Tasmania. Stella was born on 2 Nov 1895 in Evandale, Tasmania and died on 25 Oct 1983 in St Marys at age 87.

They had three children:

Roy Leonard

Ada Amelia

Allen Francis

4-Roy Leonard Cocker was born on 20 Nov 1915 in Fingal, Tasmania and died on 12 Sep 2009 at age 93. Roy married Mollie Estelle Walsh, daughter of Thomas Walsh and Amy, on 22 Dec 1945 in Chant St Methodist Church, Launceston, Tasmania. Mollie was born about 1922 and died on 7 Jul 2001 in Devonport aged about 79. They had one daughter: Maureen May.

 COCKER, Roy Leonard -Passed away peacefully on September 12, 2009 in his 94th year. Beloved husband and companion of Mollie (dec). Much loved

father of Maureen , adored grandad of Maree and Barry, Tony and Susan. Devoted great grandad of Chloe and Sam. Friend of Max.

Dearly loved son of the late Leonard and Stella Cocker (Cornwall). Dearly loved brother and brother-in-law of Ada and Les Rowlings (both dec St

Mary's). Allan and Murial (dec.) Cocker (Hobart).

Loved son-in-law of the late Thomas and Amy Walsh (Legerwood) Loved brother-in-law of Mick and Gwen Walsh (Wynyard) Allan and Valma Walsh


Loving Uncle Roy to his nieces, nephews and their families.

Dad, your journey has been long and now it is time for you to rest. I have so many wonderful memories of our life together until we are reunited. I will miss

you every day, love Maureen

Grandad your unconditional love and support made us into the strong individuals we are today We will love you forever and miss you. always in our hearts ,

Maree and Tony Underwood.

Reunited with your beloved Mollie after 8 years apart.

Special thanks to the wonderful staff of Waratah Lodge for your kindness and care of our special dad and grandad.

5-Maureen May Cocker was born on 4 May 1949 in St Marys District Hospital. Maureen married Trevor John Underwood on 20 May 1967 in St. Marys.  They had four children: Maree, Anthony John (Tony), Susan and Barry.

6-Maree Underwood was born on 13 Jan 1967 in Launceston.

6-Anthony John (Tony) Underwood was born on 28 Aug 1971 in Launceston. Anthony married Susan Bakes on 30 Dec 1995 in Devonport. Susan was born on 19 Dec 1971. They had two children: Cloe Brooke and Sam John.

7-Cloe Brooke Underwood was born on 29 Apr 1998 in Latrobe.

7-Sam John Underwood was born on 19 Aug 1999 in Latrobe.

6-Susan Underwood.

6-Barry Underwood.

4-Ada Amelia Cocker was born on 19 May 1917 in Cornwall, Tasmania and died on 5 Jul 1997 at age 80. Ada married Leslie Jack Rowlings, son of Leslie Joseph Rowlings and Grace Maud Bellinger, on 16 Oct 1935 in Church of England, Cullenswood, Tasmania. Leslie was born on 4 Jan 1914 in Exton, Tasmania and died on 20 Feb 1996 at age 82. They had six children: Yvonne Margaret, Marlene, Grace Elizabeth, Christine Ann, Deborah and Mary Ann.

5-Yvonne Margaret Rowlings. Yvonne married Peter Davern about 1955.  They had four children: Kerry, Ann, Paul and Christopher.

6-Kerry Davern. Kerry married Dave Russell Arnott.  They had two children: James and Shane.

7-James Arnott.

7-Shane Arnott.

6-Ann Davern. Ann married Michael Read.  They had three children: Shaun, Belinda and Miranda.

7-Shaun Read.

7-Belinda Read.

7-Miranda Read.

6-Paul Davern. Paul married Barbara Robertson.  They had one daughter: Jemma.

7-Jemma Davern.

6-Christopher Davern.

5-Marlene Rowlings. Marlene married Desmond Williams, son of Phillip Williams and Dulcie Victoria Beatrice Appleby. Desmond was born on 9 Aug 1926. They had five children: Michelle, Janine, Michael, Mark and Adam.

6-Michelle Williams. Michelle married Murry Bennett.  They had three children: Melanie, Lauren and Joel.

7-Melanie Bennett.

7-Lauren Bennett.

7-Joel Bennett.

6-Janine Williams. Janine married Pitt.  They had two children: Nicole and Mathew.

7-Nicole Pitt.

7-Mathew Pitt.

Janine next married Cherry.

6-Michael Williams. Michael married Louise Carrol.  They had two children: Danielle and Georgina.

7-Danielle Williams.

7-Georgina Williams.

6-Mark Williams.

6-Adam Williams.

5-Grace Elizabeth Rowlings was born in 1938 and died on 20 Jun 2005 in St. Helens at age 67. Grace married Desmond Faulkner in 1957.  They had five children: Charmine, Karen, Natasha, Justine and Desmond.

6-Charmine Faulkner. Charmine married Graham Peet.  They had two children: Chantelle and Jarrod.

7-Chantelle Peet.

7-Jarrod Peet.

6-Karen Faulkner. Karen married Leigh Spilsbury.  They had three children: Hanna, Jacob and Jackson.

7-Hanna Spilsbury.

7-Jacob Spilsbury.

7-Jackson Spilsbury.

6-Natasha Faulkner.

6-Justine Faulkner.

6-Desmond Faulkner.

5-Christine Ann Rowlings was born on 1 Dec 1949 in District Hospital, St. Marys, Tasmania. Christine married Reg Thomas.  They had three children: Andrew, Kellie and Peta.

6-Andrew Thomas.

6-Kellie Thomas.

6-Peta Thomas.

5-Deborah Rowlings was born in Nov 1955. Deborah married Malcome Cheshire.  They had two children: Cory and Ricky.

6-Cory Cheshire.

6-Ricky Cheshire.

Deborah next married W. Thomas.

5-Mary Ann Rowlings was born on 13 Jul 1959. Mary married Stephen Mitchell.  They had four children: Sarah, Jessica, Kim and Leslie.

6-Sarah Mitchell.

6-Jessica Mitchell.

6-Kim Mitchell.

6-Leslie Mitchell.

Mary next married Brad Inness.  They had one daughter: Grace.

6-Grace Inness.

4-Allen Francis Cocker. Allen married Muriel Mahilia Joseph in 1940. Muriel was born in 1921 and died on 13 Dec 2002 at age 81. They had five children: Gladys, Patricia, Frederick, Kay and Allan John.

5-Gladys Cocker. Gladys married K. Batchelor.  They had four children: Stephen, Jannine, David and Andrew.

6-Stephen Batchelor.

6-Jannine Batchelor.

6-David Batchelor.

6-Andrew Batchelor.

Gladys next married Leary.

5-Patricia Cocker.

5-Frederick Cocker. Frederick married Sue Watkins.  They had five children: Glenn, Jennifer, Darren, Carolyn and Debbie.

6-Glenn Cocker.

6-Jennifer Cocker.

6-Darren Cocker.

6-Carolyn Cocker.

6-Debbie Cocker.

5-Kay Cocker. Kay married Chris Bearman.  They had two children: Philip and Christina.

6-Philip Bearman.

6-Christina Bearman.

Kay next married Tony Hill.

5-Allan John Cocker.