John and Sarah Cocker

Convict Profile of John Cocker

References: TAHO CON31/1/8 p55 CON18/1/16 p194
Description Transcribed Information
Police Number 2488
Surname Cocker
Christian Names John
Ship or Ships Marquis of Hastings
Embarkation Date 12 Mar 1839
Date of Arrival in V.D.L 23 Jul 1839
Age (at Transportation) 27
Trade or Occupation Shoemaker
Marital Status Single
Level of Literacy Not stated but could not write
Place of Native Origin Cambridge, England
Date of Trial 14 Aug 1838
Place of Trial Lower Canada Court Martial
Transported for Desertion
Stated this Offence Desertion absence
Prior Convictions 4 days twice for the same offence and 6 months
Sentence 21 years transportation
Gaol/Prison Report Bad
Hulk Report Good
Surgeon's Report: Orderly
Physical Characteristics:
Height Feet 5
Height lnches
Complexion: Dark
Head: Round
Hair: Dark Brown
Whiskers: Black
Forehead: Other Comments
Eyebrows: Black
Eyes: Blue
Nose: Medium
Mouth Medium
Chin Medium
Other comments 2 D left side
Offences and Punishments
Dates Location or Situation Nature of Offences Sentences/Punishments Tried or Approved
15 Jun 1841 William Young, Lake River Disobedience of orders 24 lashes Charles Arthur
18 Nov 1841 William Young, Lake River Insolence 14 days solitary confinement Charles Arthur
1 Nov 1842 William Young, Lake River Misconduct in cruelly ill-treating a horse and insolence 6 months hard labour I chains John Frederick Sharland and Charles Arthur
4 Nov 1842 William Young, Lake River   Third conviction since June 1841. Ross Road Gang and never to be assigned again. Lieutenant Governor Arthur
21 Dec 1842 Ross Road Gang Misconduct ??hospital Ross Prisoner Barracks??  
29 Dec 1842 Ross Road Gang Refused to work 7 days solitary confinement Charles Brownlow Cumberland
15 Apr 1843 Ross Road Gang Neglect of duty 4 days solitary confinement Loftus Francis Jones
1 May 1843 Ross Road Gang Neglect of duty 24 hours solitary confinement Loftus Francis Jones
4 Oct 1845 Benjamin Briggs, Brighton Misconduct 3 days solitary confinement George Brooks Foster
Locations and Periods of Probation, Assignment, Gang Labour or Detention
Date Location Remarks
8 Sep 1940 Norfolk Plains  
11 Nov 1842? ????????  
21 Nov 1842 Ross  
3 June 1845 Brighton  
27 Aug 1847 Brighton  

Date Levels of Freedom Remarks
12 Apr 1844 Second Class  
6 Sep 1844 Third Class  
10 Feb 1846 Ticket of Leave Granted
5 Oct 1847 Conditional Pardon Recommended
30 Jan 1849 Conditional Pardon Granted
 Details of Death: Died in farming accident at Evandale on 10 Feb 1872